Sticky: UFO off Singapore’s south; I saw on 6th Dec 2011, in the same area where light-show happens. What’s their ploy?


I was an innocent UFO-virgin; until this particular Tuesday, 8.17pm, when I was prompted to check the horizon from my 5th floor residence:
Can you see the faint lightship gliding majestically behind the top of the building in the center? You may have to maximize screen size & increase contrast (not brightness), in order to detect it.

It was across the clouds & was still circling @9 pm, when I proceeded for my daily ideation. By the time I finished @ 10.20 pm, they were gone.

They may have shown up earlier also; I do remember seeing light-forms rotating amongst the clouds in that neighborhood.

But most of them were due to a beam of light projected from the marina bay area & reflected from the clouds. And so I never paid much attention to them.

Others have also reported seeing both – reflection & this flying saucer – on earlier occasions & from different parts of Singapore, but assumed them all to be one & the same.

But this time I was urged to have a closer look at it, & as I stood there wondering what's going on, it was immediately & emphatically signaled to me that I was indeed witnessing an alien spacecraft.

This one was floating away from the Singapore coast – over the ocean, so there is no chance of it being just light radiated upwards from the surface below.

Lighthouses don't beacon skywards & long-range laser-works do not produce this kind of effect.

The fact that the integrity of it's light seeping through the clouds, remained convincingly homogeneous throughout the 40 minutes of this sighting, compared to the dynamic clouds around, makes it credulous enough.

There was not even a trace of any beam of light underneath it, throughout the sighting, as is sometimes visible, if it were a laser-beam projected from the ground. Aeroplanes do not lit up like a disc of light.

It was impressively giant in size & I, kind of, felt it's dominating presence, everytime it dazzled at it's brightest, as it passed behind the building's left side.

Since it has been so blatantly rounding up our skies – do you think it could be of human origin? National governments that have built flying saucers are hush-hush about it.
So what do you think 'they' are up to in this part of our world?

My friend Clara's comment "Well, the ETs have always been there waiting for us to notice them." spurred me into reasoning this:

Since the authorities won't acknowledge publicly & the fact that most people go by the 'official' version, the well-meaning amongst our 'space-brothers' want to make themselves a little too obvious to ignore, but not so much as to cause panic.

Correct me if I ain't, but the not-so-well-intentioned, amongst the extraterrestrials, have no reason to show themselves off to the general public.

"There is need for a world militia because there may be inter-planetary fight."– Shri P. R. Sarkar [1]

Amongst us, those who are clued-in, know that some of these alien baddies have been eyeing & usurping some of our resources for long; E.g. mining our Moon [2].

UPDATE on 18 Dec 2011:

Marina Bay Sands Light Show

Tonight @10.30 pm, I saw a light-show, in the same region of the sky. I had been looking up that area frequently since the sighting 🙂 :

  • This glob of light was criss-crossing across in a more regular fashion; mostly making the figure of '8'.
  • It's movement was faster & abrupt – as from a man-made instrument.
  • It actually looked like blurry light, reflected from the clouds.
  • It was much fainter in strength, even though the night was dark. I recorded it with the same camera, but it came out too vague to upload online.
  • Since the sky was only partially clouded – it was easy to make-out that it was indeed a reflection: it didn't last beyond the edge of the cloud.
  • Another image of the lightshow shows the laser striations shone from the ground upwards.

So what do you 'reflect' in the 'light' of this observation?

  • As I have hinted above, the assertions on the top, are not my opinion or interpretation.

    Logic was used as an afterthought, as a secondary aid – just to reaffirm & explain the finding – since that's the highest criterion, most people think, they can rely upon.

  • This is not the 1st time I have come across 'higher-ups' deliberately making themselves, or their presence, contestable .

    Those who are limited by logic will collapse both the scenarios – lightship & lightworks – together. In other words it's an intentional ploy to which most of the regular folks will – & have been – falling for, far too quickly.

    This sighting is for those who don't.

UFO in Singapore skyline, 6th Dec 2011, 8.17 pm

So there's definitely something going on here. What’s your 'view' on this, buddy?

PS: These space-farers are so much ahead of us because so are their…  m—–v—.
(You guessed it!)

1. Prout in a Nutshell, Part 18
2. The truth about the Moon

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  1. #1  what a joke

    the fact that you even wasted four videos of time to record it, much less host it and this site. nothing more than a spotlight on the clouds. now you’ve wasted four minutes of my time, too, time I will never get back 🙁


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