What keeps you alive & going? Distinguishing Microvita – The fundamental constituents of your life!


To understand your microvita you gotta 1st appreciate that all matter & energy are eventually resolvable into minutest bubbles of consciousness – in all their varied forms.

Herein lies a basic fallacy of mainstream quantum physics – as broached by Swami Prabhupada – the untenable concept of anti-matter. If all matter is consciousness & if there is nothing outside of consciousness  – besides space – then how can ever there be any anti-matter?

Because that word translates into “anti-consciousness” which is a totally meaningless term (because every”thing” is consciousness).

Yes, consciousness can & does exist in immaterial forms as well, but before we talk about releasing consciousness from it’s self-imposed material limitations we need to reach that ultimate unit of matter, right?

Until then, all particle & so-called anti-particle interactions will just be breaking both of them down into their sub-constituents.

And there are so many levels of particles yet to be explored that they can’t even begin to imagine the intricacy of this play of consciousness, leave aside the pipe-dream of ever releasing it from it’s material vestitures.

The omniscient consciousness, for example, has 3 facets integrated together, though they seem to function independently, as observed in manifest nature. In simple words they are : Will, Wisdom & Activity.

While different religions present them allegorically & metaphorically – they remain the root-expressions of all there is.

Everything around us can be ultimately divided into these 3. When investigating the particles of matter & quanta of energy – they have been found to have atleast the “activity” vibration at it’s maximum.

A smaller subset of them also have the “wisdom” vibration in all it’s potency. They are the ones responsible for the brilliancy & aliveness of life. Don’t they deserve to be distinguished apart?

Shri P. R. Sarkar called them Microvita.

That’s what our body hankers for, when it’s hungry. The right ones though.

Microvita Demystified : Real Life Examples from Your Daily Life!

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  1. #6  Pratik

    Namaskaar Bro Karmesh. I ain’t no Doctor 😀

  2. #5  Karmeshvar Tagorda

    This is ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting development! While it is the ultimate science of the future, it is now come into light to arrest the debilitating maladies that afflict humankind devastatingly at this time. Very well done, Dr. Pratik Srivastava!

  3. #4  Karmeshvar Tagorda

    This might well be the fulfilment of a prophecy!!!

  4. #3  quest-ion

    The atom (diagram above) looks like a human heart with accompanying vessels.

  5. #2  Joni Solis

    Thank you for making these videos. This is a lot to take in and I don’t quite understand it all. I also had a bit of trouble understanding your spoken words. You did speak a little to fast for me though parts of the videos. Looking forward to hearing and hopeful learning more.

  6. #1  Colleen

    Pratik, this is awesome! Your information is inspiring and motivating!

    Thank you so much for creating this site. The depth of details are most helpful to understanding the microvita. I look forward to watching the next videos!

    Yours in health,

    Colleen Hartford CNM
    Vermont, USA


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